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Disability Coalition Awards Academic Director

Disability Coalition Award

We’re pleased to announce that Pat Greer, the academic director for Leadership and Organizations at University College, has been presented the Lucille Weiss Award by the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC). Pat was honored for her work in helping CCDC form a partnership with University College to provide on campus support for the CCDC’s certified advocacy [...]

Rise of the New Leader [INFOGRAPHIC]

University College Leadership

In the past year, there has been a steady growth of millennials in leadership roles, and that number is about to explode. Everyday for the next 19 years, 10,000 baby boomers will reach the age of 65—leaving opportunities for millennials in their wake as they retire. What skills do millennial leaders value and what experience [...]

Communicate Like a Leader

Communicate Like a Leader

Although my doctorate is in communication, one of my primary interests has also always been the study of leadership—specifically, the intersection of communication and leadership. It is intriguing to me that, after 13 years of teaching, I am still asked the same question most commonly by my students: How can be a leader if I’m [...]

Leadership Contest Winners


A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Leadership Conference Contest! To claim your conference tickets, email University College ( by 4:00 p.m. MST on September 21 with your full name, email address, and phone number with the subject line: Leadership Conference Contest. Here are the winning entries for a two-day pass to the [...]

Leadership Conference Contest


Win tickets to the International Leadership Association Conference or the Colorado Nonprofit Association Conference! University College is giving away a three-day conference ticket to the ILA and several one-day conference tickets to the CNA—both of which will be held in October in Denver, Colorado. So what do you have to do to win? Simple: Choose [...]

How Leaders Stifle or Support Innovation

Strategic Innovation

By Pat Greer Innovation is an important ingredient for getting our businesses and organizations to be fiscally sound. How can leaders ensure their organizations are innovative? According the authors of the book Making Innovation Work (2006), innovation adds value creation, leading to increases in both growth and performance. Innovation is NOT just creativity but should [...]

Leaders in Nonprofits Working Together

Leaders in Nonprofits Working Together

By Pat Greer I designed a philanthropic leadership program focusing on development when I first started here at DU’s University College. Although I had worked with nonprofits, been on boards of directors, consulted, and helped with strategic planning, I never considered all the leadership principles found in philanthropic community. There are over 19,000 501(c)3 organizations [...]

What ARE the Top Characteristics of a Leader?

Leadership and Development

By Pat Greer What ARE the top characteristics of a leader, which, we hope, would result in leadership? I would love to give you my sage viewpoint so concise and clear that you as the reader would be stunned with my ideas. But I have been studying leadership for many years now and my best [...]

Leadership in the Moment

Leadership - directions

The first leadership blog post was scheduled to be about the advantages and challenges of having four generations in the workplace. Then this morning I woke up hearing about the shooting in the Aurora movie theater during the opening of “The Dark Knight Rises.” I am sure there will be stories that will come up [...]

Welcome to Leadership and Organizations

Leadership and Orgnizations at University College

Welcome to the Leadership and Organizations page. I am excited to offer you our cutting edge program which contains the leadership tools you need for your leadership development. Whether you find yourself in the public, private or nonprofit sector, there is a specialty that will satisfy your curiosity, provide you with the latest in knowledge [...]