Contact: or 303-871-4695

Programs(s): Communication Management

Best thing about academic advising: Our students! I love connecting with our students and learning more about what drives and motivates them to pursue a degree or certificate.

Favorite sport: MLB Baseball (Go Yankees!), but my favorite is watching my kids play rec league ball.

Favorite activities: Hiking with my family, watching Full House with my kids, playing fetch with Elvis, my Boston Terrier. We read a lot of storybooks and chapter books in our house, too.

Favorite social networking sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Follow me!

Person I admire most: I admire my husband. He taught me “grit” and the importance of not giving up or giving in, particularly when chasing the goals and dreams I’m most passionate about.

Most interesting book I have read: I like reading about behavioral science, so Influence and Power of Habit are books I often reference. One book I would encourage all students to read is Mindset by Carol Dweck. It’s a must read!

Something you may not know about me: I have three kids, two sons and a daughter. I worked diligently to obtain my undergraduate degree, all while working full time and raising a family. I was born and raised in West Michigan and migrated to Colorado in 2012. While I miss the Great Lakes, I’m loving the Colorado weather and hiking trails.

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