Contact: or 303-871-6430

Programs(s): Colorado Women’s College and Information and Communications Technology

Best thing about academic advising: I love providing support to students throughout their educational journey to help them achieve their goals. I also love working with students one-on-one and learning more about their ambitions, hopes, and dreams.

Favorite sport: I am absolutely terrible at all team sports and hate playing them, but my favorite sport to watch is tennis.

Favorite activities: I love photography and traveling as much as I can both domestically and internationally. I also enjoy eating, cooking, and trying new restaurants in Denver.

Favorite movie: “You’ve Got Mail” will always be my all-time favorite movie! I have every line memorized. It never gets old!

Favorite social networking sites: I am an iPhone photography addict, so I love Instagram!

Something you may not know about me: I studied applied music (piano performance) during my undergraduate years and still enjoy playing the piano for weddings and events around Denver.

Professional goal: I am currently finishing up my  MA in Higher Education at the University of Denver’s Morgridge College of Education and am very much looking forward to graduating in June of 2017!

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