Student, Advisor Expectations

Students can expect Advisors to

  • Have a working knowledge of the requirements for their specific program areas
  • Offer various modalities for answering questions, including in-office, phone, email appointments, and blog maintenance
  • Effectively communicate degree requirements, deadlines, policies, and procedures
  • Encourage and support students with information about the resources available on-campus and online, including how to access a student’s Academic Progress Report (APR) available on webCentral
  • Assist students in preparing for the Capstone
  • Perform a graduation review
  • Serve as a liaison between the student and administration

Students are expected to

  • Have an understanding of where to access accurate information about the student experience, university policy, and academic policy
    • Student Handbook for Master’s or Bachelor’s Students
    • Annual Schedule
    • Academic Schedule
    • WebCentral
    • Contact information
    • Maintain contact with your Advisor
      • Check Advising Blog
      • Read emails
      • Reference the important dates
      • Understand policies regarding academic performance
        • Use Student Handbook effectively
        • Use WebCentral to review Academic Progress Report (APR) at least twice per year
        • Check-in with Advisor to make sure requirements are met
        • Schedule meetings with Advisor within two quarters of being admitted. Once you have started your program, contact your advisor with questions as needed.

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