Ready to enhance your career with professional development? The Center for Professional Development at the University of Denver serves educators, clinicians, techies, small business owners, social change advocates, and organizations wanting to develop and deliver innovative professional development for their teams. See the upcoming professional development opportunities below:

July Certified Addiction Counseling Trainings – Various dates in July

The Center for Professional Development is proud to offer Certified Addiction Counseling Trainings at the University of Denver. Join instructors Thea Wessel and Erin Gazelka and take the courses you need to complete your certification.

Take all seven courses at one time or choose whatever courses you still need a la carte! Learn more here.

Business Building Blocks Series: The Art and Science of Fundraising for Business and Nonprofit Professionals – July 12 and 13

If you think of fundraising and cringe, you’re not alone. Many people get anxious about asking other people, foundations or companies for money. But what if you looked at your fundraising role differently? And what if you understood your potential donor’s hopes and dreams better? Then the entire process may be elevated, helping both sides to feel good about what they’ve done.

Join Deborah Armstrong, DU’s Associate Vice Chancellor of Development, over two-course sessions as she shares both the art and the science of fundraising, helping you to tap into a deeper, more meaningful process that will enable you to make the big ask.

Whether you work for a nonprofit, serve on a board, or are seeking funds for a startup, this course will help you to appreciate your role as a fundraiser as you achieve your goals. More information here.

The LGBT Affirming Therapist – June 21 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
An introductory level, LGBT cultural competency training for Licensed Psychologists, LPC’s, LCSW’s & more. Details here.

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