Our goal at University College is to be a leader among continuing and professional educational colleges and provide high-value experiences to our students. Our staff and faculty are dedicated to helping students obtain their educational goals and understand the challenges of balancing life and school.  We asked three University College staff and faculty member what advice they have for student success and what makes programs at University College unique. Here is what they had to say:

What are the top three attributes adult learners need to succeed?
Laura: Persistence, determination, and a support system.
Patricia: Top attributes include persistence, time management, and passion for the area. Other attributes that help include curiosity, risk-taking, and the ability to receive feedback.
Chelsie: First, drive. Let your commitment to completing your program motivate you. Envision the end result, and move toward it. Second, clear goals. In my experience, University College students have a good sense of how what they are learning will integrate into their future career or personal goals. Keeping those in mind and thinking about how to integrate your new knowledge into other areas of your life enriches the experience, and helps you get the most out of your education. Third, time management. The most successful students tend to develop a consistent routine in which they carve out dedicated time for their studies and plan ahead for major deadlines.

What is something our students get out of their program that they can’t find anywhere else?
Laura: A peer group of people just like you (and a staff that understands you)! Everyone here has committed to something bigger than themselves, and while there are many obstacles to overcome, it helps to see others jumping the same hurdles right next to you.
Patricia: The high touch support, exceptional faculty who are practitioners in their fields, a degree from DU, a great library with awesome research librarians to help, and IT and writing support.
Chelsie: Unmatched one-on-one student support, expert faculty who are well-supported in their teaching, and access to DU’s rich resources and opportunities online and on campus.

What is a success tip you have for our students?
Laura: Write down your why. Put it somewhere you see it often. When times get tough, you feel stressed and wish you had more free time, remind yourself of why you started and why you WILL finish.
Patricia: Set up a schedule and a place to work from the very first class, and include your family and friends in your journey. Let your best friend, spouse, child, or co-worker read your papers. Not only will you get feedback, but they share your journey. Use all the resources, and ask questions
Chelsie: Connect with faculty. I work closely with University College faculty, and I can tell you that they are an interesting, talented, and successful group of people. Most of them tell me the reason they teach is because they are passionate about helping others further their careers, and are willing and generous mentors. Foster those connections during your coursework, and keep in touch even after the term ends.

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