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So you’ve decided it’s time to go back to school. You figured out how to pay for school, you carved out the time, and you are channeling all your energy to crack open some books, research, write papers, and get the A! Deciding to go back to school is as much an emotional decision as it is a professional, financial and personal decision. Since we recognize that coming back to school can cause you to feel equal parts excited and anxious or nervous, we’ve constructed an all-star team to support you in your academic journey! Whether you are just starting out at University College, or you have a few classes under your belt, take a quick minute to look at the different aspects of our team, and learn how we all function to serve you!

Student Support: The University College Student Support Center is here to support prospective and current students. Our Student Support Specialists can facilitate answering initial questions, application procedures, registration, and scheduling appointments with your Academic Advisor. This team works to ensure that you have the information you need to make the most informed decisions for your goals and success. Have questions? Our Student Support Center would love to hear from you! ucolsupport@du.edu or 303-871-2291

Enrollment Counselors: Alyssa Anderson, Karla Correll, Laura Froseth and Chris Heriza are excited to get to know you and your personal, professional and academic goals. We will work with you to see how a certificate, or master’s through one of our 10 programs can help you reach these goals. Enrollment Counselors travel locally and throughout the country to attend trade shows and events to recruit new students and stay up to date on market trends!

Academic Advisors: So you are admitted, now what? Your Academic Advisor is here to support you along your academic journey! Your advisor can help you pick a class, plan your coursework, navigate your first quarter at DU, and utilize all of the resources that DU has to offer such as the Writing Center, Research Center and Career Services.

Academic Quality Development Team: The Academic Quality Development team represents University College’s commitment to a high-quality, rigorous academic experience by providing support, training, professional development, and resources to faculty and staff; and the team seeks to inspire faculty to engage, challenge, and energize students. The team actively participates in the broader educational community to help advance University College’s position as a leader in adult education.

Academic Directors and Program Assistants: Each program at University College is led by an academic director who is an expert in their respective fields. Together with the program assistant, they build curriculum, hire faculty, create course schedules, and work to create a cohesive and career-focused program. You may find yourself in a course taught by the director or collaborate with your director on approving an internship or transfer course.

As you can see, University College has a wide variety of individuals all here to provide you with the best educational experience possible. We enjoy getting to know our students and working with them from the day they inquire to the day they graduate!

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