Student Studying

As the last week of classes is wrapping up students are nearing the end of the quarter and deadlines for final papers, presentations, and projects are approaching. The last few weeks of the term can be overwhelming, but don’t panic! We are here to help! Here are some tips to get you through your final week and help you finish the quarter strong.

1. Plan Ahead

Look ahead to see what deadlines are coming up. Are there papers that need to be submitted by a certain date? Do you need to prepare a presentation for your final project? Make a to-do list to help keep you on track. Set time aside for each assignment and allow yourself as much time before the deadline. Planning ahead will help avoid last minute cramming and will help you perform better.

2. Take Breaks and Avoid Staying Up All Night

It can be tempting to stay up all night to get work done, but according to USA Today College, it can do more harm than good. Getting enough sleep will help keep you from hitting a wall and keep you energized. If you need to take a break, do something that relaxes you. Workout, go for a walk or talk to a friend. Taking short breaks can help improve your concentration and help avoid you from being burnt out.

3. Create Study Spaces That Work for You

Your study area can have a lot of influence on how you work. Pick a place that works best for you.  Prefer a quiet spot? Find a cozy corner in the library. Need some background noise? Try finding a table at a local coffee shop. If you study at home, create a space in your home that is tailored to your study style and keep your distractions at bay.

4. Ask Others for Help

If you are writing a paper or working on a project and are not sure if the final product is ready, ask your classmates or friends for help. It is always good to get a second opinion and can help you find errors in your work.  If you have a presentation coming up, practice in front of your friends or family. Practicing and getting feedback can help perfect the final product.

5. Stay Positive

You have worked hard all quarter and are nearing the finishing line. It is not the time to be hard on yourself. While the final stretch might seem never ending, remind yourself that you are one step closer to achieving your educational goals!

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