We asked graduates to describe their journey to graduation. Here is what Carolyn Hinkley (Information and Communications Technology) had to say in her own words…

I applied to DU’s University College two months after finishing chemotherapy to treat breast cancer in 2014. While that health scare was frightening, it finally motivated me to pursue a 22-year dream of earning a master’s degree. I could not be happier that my dream is being fulfilled as I participate in the summer graduation ceremony to accept my master’s degree in Information and Communications Technology, specifically in Web Design and Development.

There is nothing like the reminder of how precious time can be to motivate you to pursue your dreams. I began thinking about earning a graduate degree way back in 1992 after I had landed my first job in journalism and our office intern left to go back to school. While I put off my dream for 22 years to get married, work full time, and raise a family, that dream was always in the back of my mind. And then I was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer. Suddenly, I found that health scare forcing me to stop procrastinating. Instead, I created a bucket list of dreams and goals. I also had recently transitioned into a new position as a Web Project Manager and knew that a degree in Information and Communications Technology would help me to be more effective in my new position.

With the support of my supervisor, my family and friends, I can proudly report that I can check off my new graduate degree in Web Design and Development on my bucket list. I had some bumps along the way trying to transition from my comfort zone in writing/editing to learn web programming, but the experience sparked a love of learning I plan to continue pursuing. I turned something negative into a celebration of perseverance and achievement. I am so grateful to the faculty of the University of Denver for allowing me to fulfill this life-long dream!

Congratulations, Carolyn!

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