Dear DU Students,

I’m sure that many of you are aware that this is an extraordinary time for higher education in America. Great changes are afoot, driven by technology, demographics, and economics, and the coming years are likely to be a time of enormous opportunity for DU. In those years ahead we will see far greater flexibility and customization in teaching and learning, driven by much broader applications of technology. We will see our University Community become far more diverse, in ways that can enrich our campus culture and deepen our intellectual environment. We will see cost structures change in ways that will make the DU experience more accessible to an ever broader audience of students. We will see an enormous increase in the value of a DU degree, and in the impact of our collective work for the public good.

Those coming years will be an extraordinary and challenging time, a time when our University can rise to still greater heights of quality and impact. It will need new leadership for that new time, consistent leadership for another decade or more. I’ve been Chancellor for nine years now, and it is time for me to step aside and make room for that new leadership. Consequently, after many months of deep consideration, Julanna and I have decided that this year will be our last at DU. Today, I have informed our Board of Trustees that I will step down as Chancellor at the end of the current fiscal year, this coming June 30th. For me that will mark 33 years at the University, the last 13 as Chancellor or Provost, and all as a faculty member.

There will be lots of time to remember those years over the coming months. For now, let me simply say thank you for all of the wonderful experiences we’ve shared in the classroom, in the lab, in lots of conversations about things great and small, and in innumerable interactions across the campus. It has been a delight to be with you, and leading this institution that I love so dearly has been the greatest honor of my life.

Best regards,

Robert Coombe

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