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Welcome to the Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) blog. I am Pat Greer, the new academic director for this program. The former director, Amy Kelsall, will focus her efforts on the Organizational and Professional Communication program.

I have many years of experience in human resource management, and achieved my PHR (professional in human resources) about 12 years ago. During the time I worked as an HR professional, I had opportunities to develop compensation plans, change benefits plans (no fun), lead teams to create new performance management systems, create retention plans, design a funded retiree health plan, designed cross-functional teams (horizontal and vertical) to operate the organization, and used turnover analysis to gain approval for a pay increase for employees. Employee relations and employee complaints rounded out the operations side of my duties, while I continued to build HR initiatives to support the strategic direction of the organization.  My time in HR was crazy, fun, scary, and fulfilling. I learned how to navigate between the organization’s needs and strategies while keeping people at the center of the conversation.

As I begin in this new role, I will be looking at the curriculum and comparing it to my experiences. As it stands, the curriculum is solid and does not need to be changed. At University College, we do not rest on the curriculum, but instead review it often to ensure our students are getting the cutting-edge skills and best practices in each program. For the next year, the faculty and I will be looking at the curriculum to find new areas and verify the current content. As a start, we will look at the biggest challenges facing HR executives list, based on a survey sent out by SHRM. Do our courses help figure out the answers to these challenges? Next, what are the top five HR trends? Do we have courses looking forward, while ensuring the development of HR acumen? Lastly, are we incorporating core competencies for HR professionals in our curriculum? In short, the best time to do a strategic analysis of curriculum is when the curriculum is solid already and that time is now!

I am excited to start and happy to have the SHRM program!

If you want to stop by and chat, email me or have a phone conversation, let’s get a time scheduled. I look forward to our time together.

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