Network with International and Local Students with P2P

Ready to meet new people, be part of a community, and learn about varying cultures? The Pioneer to Pioneer Partnership Program pairs domestic and international students through monthly events, social outings, and international potlucks.

“I was able to meet people who helped me overcome the challenges during the transition of moving to Denver,” said Grecia Rivera, an international University College student pursuing a master’s degree in Strategic Human Resource Management and participant in the P2P program. “You can get an insight to what is happening in the world, engage in fun activities, get mutual support, and make new friends.”

From ice skating at Skyline Park to attending Zumba classes, the activities Grecia has participated in while making valuable connections through P2P have been fun and interesting. She even plans to apply this model of partnering locals with internationals within the HR field as a way to engage and manage international assignees.

“Since I have learned the value of relationships, I will start by extending a helping hand to other new people,” she said. “Partnering locals with internationals is a win-win situation.”

To sign up for the Pioneer to Pioneer Partnership Program, apply by Monday, March 25 at  www.du.edu/intl/isss/p2p. Kick-off meetings will be held at the International House on Thursday, March 28. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply.

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