Transportation Degree

University College announced a new major in the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program (BACP) this week: Global Commerce and Transportation. This industry-relevant major is available online, on campus, or in a combination of both. The hands-on instruction covers transportation safety and security issues, law and policy, economics and finance, international trade, supply chain and logistics, and transportation modes and nodes.

“This new major for the BACP addresses a critical transportation and supply chain industry management development challenge,” said George Woodward, President of the Board of Directors of the Intermodal Transportation Institute (ITI) at DU. “Conversations with corporations involved in global commerce and transportation have confirmed the need for well qualified graduates for future career opportunities.”

Students will have the opportunity to pursue careers in supply chain management and logistic services, including air package express, rail, motor and ocean carriers, and related transportation companies.

“Students in this program gain the foundational elements needed to effectively manage the transportation of goods and people and pursue more advanced career opportunities or education in the transportation field,” said Dr. John Hill, Director of the BACP.

Learn more about the new Global Commerce and Transportation major or call 303-871-2291.

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