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Creative Conversations: Technology
Facilitator: Rachel Cain
Session Handout:

Advances in technology can be hard to keep up with, this is simple fact. Learning about new technologies when we discover them can be intimidating and time consuming in many cases. Perhaps a realignment of our relationship with technology will allow us to consider technology not as a nemesis to be conquered, or even a task to be checked off, but rather as a tool to be used to advance our own goals. Ultimately, the more we can use technology strategically and consciously the more we will succeed in accomplishing our mission.

Create in-house efficiencies

  • There is a need for standardized templates to have consistency within an organization
  • Standardized vernacular
  • Not enough arts organizations update and purge data – intranet
  • There are efficiencies in the tools used by companies like Google.

Increase Audience Growth

Millennials vs. Boomer Participants

  • Different generations communicate and understand things in different ways (forms of communications – texting, emails, websites, etc.)
  • Always ask yourself when communicating across generations: How best can I communicate with you?

Consider these questions and comment in the discussion area:

  • What are some ways we can better understand various generations in the arts?
  • What are some arts resources you would like to share?

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