creative conversations LEADERSHIP

Creative Conversations: Leadership
Facilitator: Trina Hoefling
Session Handout:

Leading in the arts requires determining the right strategy for innovation, a cross-sectored approach, knowing yourself, and the “how to” in achieving organizational excellence. In today’s world, opportunities dependent on your network and shared opportunities require more systemic innovation and collaboration. Consider these questions and comment in the discussion area:

  • What do you think it means to be a leader in the arts today?
  • What are the top three challenges for arts leaders? How do you overcome those challenges?

o Some answers during the event included: Teaching people how to represent their own work

o Collaborations

  • How can you teach people to represent their work?
  • What do you think is needed for strategic innovation and change in the arts?
  • Define networking for needs and why is it important?
  • Identify your organization; given your organization, where should the level of collaboration be?

Coordination <———————> Consensual Collaboration

Shared vision, results that cannot happen alone.

Key points from the leadership breakout:


  • Yourself
  • Your purpose
  • Your pace
  • Your desire
  • Your way
  • Your boundaries
  • Your critical success factors
  • Your bottom line – emotional bandwidth, financial and non-$ KPIs
  • Your measurements of success

Course Correct

  • Use setbacks to get a running start
  • It isn’t real yet anyway
  • Use to build muscle
  • Think of it as an experiment
  • Reality check against your ‘knowings’
  • Do you want to change your mind?


  • Virtual partnering is nothing more than getting together to get ahead.
  • Who / What alliances can help you?
  • What can you offer?
  • Where is the synergy & the gestalt?
  • How will you get started?


  • Structure the relationship in stages and clearly
  • Enjoy the journey

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