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The Arts and Culture program at University College, the college of professional and continuing studies at the University of Denver, hosted a Creative Conversations event on October 18 in conjunction with Americans for the Arts that featured keynote speaker Jan Brennan, the Director of Cultural Programs for the City of Denver, plus three breakout sessions focusing on technology, leadership, and brand and marketing.

The Arts and Culture program at University College strives to deliver a diverse set of creative skills, as well as practical arts management knowledge, to busy adults seeking career-relevant courses. At Creative Conversations, we aimed to provide the same. Participants were asked to explore the arts with peers and contribute to dynamic conversations that would help advance the arts industry, as well as personal and professional goals.

The Creative Conversations: Exploring Professional Paths in the Arts event kicked off at the Newman Center of Performing Arts with the DU Idiosingcrasies serenading the crowd with their a cappella style and energetic performance. Keynote speaker Jan Brennan soon took the stage, where she discussed the evolution of the arts industry and the challenges ahead.

Some key points from this discussion:

  • Diversity will play a major role in the arts and the industry must react to this development
  • Immersive 3D technology in the arts is on the rise
  • Dealing with the needs and wants of millennials, along with the aging population
  • The customization of the user’s experience, plus the use of technology for this (i.e. forget fantasy football, what about fantasy symphony?)
  • Declining interest in live events from youth, increasing interest in public/outdoor art

Brennan focused heavily on the rise of millennials and their impact on the arts industry, plus the need to be proactive when it comes to these shifts in demographics, innovations in technology, and changes to marketing. “There are 3 types of people,” Brennan said. “People who make things happen, watch things happen, and wonder…what happened?! Be the first.”

Let’s keep the conversation going! Review these discussion questions and respond in the comment section:

  • What role do you think millennials will play in the evolution of the arts industry?
  • How has technology impacted your role?
  • What are some ways to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to shifts (in technology, marketing, etc.) in the industry?

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