Creative Conversations: Brand and Marketing
Facilitator: Neil McKenzie
Session Handout:

In developing your business and marketing plans, it is helpful to take a much broader view of brand. Think of your brand as a term to aggregate all of the things that make up your business such as: logo, network, mission, etc. Your brand is everything your business does and everybody you touch either directly or indirectly. Your brand is what OTHER people say about your business—you have the power and responsibility to manage what this message is.

Basic tenants of marketing have not changed, however we are now wired and plugged in and this is today’s competition. Consider these questions and comment in the discussion area:

  • How important is your brand in today’s arts world? Why?
  • What is brand and how do you know you’re still relevant?
  • What can small artists with limited funds do about branding?
  • How do you encourage younger generations to participate? When you encourage them, what are you offering this generation?

Your Brand Experience

Take a look at the following questions and use them to help you create a great brand experience. When you are finished write a few sentences on this blog to describe your brand experience.
1. How can you differentiate your products / services?
2. How can you provide the unexpected?
3. How can go that “extra mile”?
4. How can you educate and increase awareness?
5. How can you entertain, surprise, and delight?
6. How can you engage and encourage participation?
7. How can you tell a story?
8. How can you improve your products and provide impeccable service?
9. How can you touch and invigorate the senses?
10. Write a brief statement of how you will create a great “experience”

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