Category: Global Affairs

Course Spotlight: Gender and Social Justice: Sex and Power in a Global Perspective

Sex and power in the workplace — talk about a timely topic. Gain a deeper understanding of inequalities in the labor force in this course dedicated to how gender and sexuality impact professional interactions around the globe. “Gender identities and relationships are central to social, political, and workplace interactions,” said Dr. Arianna Nowakowski, assistant director [...]

Lorna Katica: Using Web-Based Interactive Timelines to Make an Impact in the Online Classroom

Lorna Katica has a wide diversity of experience; she spent 30 years as an attorney and has shifted gears into a career in instructional design with a focus on e-learning. She has been teaching for University College for the past year in the Global Affairs and Healthcare Leadership programs, leading classes that focus on legal [...]

Chris Heriza: Inspired and Inspiring

As the new Academic Advisor for the Arts and Culture and Global Affairs programs at University College, I am enjoying the continuous learning I am experiencing in my first month. Being once again fully engaged in Higher Education, I am inspired daily by the prospective and current students I am associating with. Seeing the many [...]

Interim Academic Director Named Poet Laureate

Today, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper introduced the state’s newest, and eighth, poet laureate—Joseph Hutchison, the interim academic director for the Arts and Culture and Global Affairs programs at University College. Joe has been teaching at University College since 2003 and has authored 15 collections of poems. The Poet Laureate serves as an advocate for poetry, [...]

Welcome to Global Affairs

In the Global Affairs program, students learn how global governance and organizations operate. They explore today’s global issues and how the world has developed into its present state. Throughout the curriculum, they examine how culture, language, and intercultural interactions play a role in both global and local undertakings. Students bring their interests and experience to [...]