Category: Faculty Spotlight

Ellen Winiarczyk: Using Authentic Content to Inspire Leaders

Ellen Winiarczyk knows how to bring leadership to life.  She has more than 18 years of experience working with leaders such as C-suite executives and directors of nonprofits, helping them with leadership development, program evaluation, strategic planning, and more. As an instructor for the Leadership and Organizations program at University College, Ellen has found that [...]

Johanna Robb: Using Zoom to Elevate Student Engagement

When Johanna Robb began teaching online courses, she wanted a connection beyond written interaction. With her experience working in the U.S. Department of Energy, she understood the importance of using tools such as Zoom to connect with colleagues across the country and made it part of the learning experience. We asked Johanna about her background [...]

Jeral Kirwan: Researching Instructor Personalities and the Learning Experience

Do instructor personalities influence the learning experience? Ask Jeral Kirwan. Jeral, a research instructor at University College since 2015, conducts research on how characteristics and personalities of instructors have an effect on student learning and interaction. With his experience in research and educational psychology, Jeral found there was little research done on this topic in [...]

Bob Bentz: Keeping Students Up-to-Date by Publishing Textbook in Mobile Marketing

With over 30 years of experience in media, advertising, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and SEO, Bob Bentz started teaching Mobile Marketing at University College in 2014 in the Communication Management program. From working in broadcasting to running an agency, he brings first-hand knowledge of mobile and digital marketing to the classroom. Bob started working in [...]

Lorna Katica: Using Web-Based Interactive Timelines to Make an Impact in the Online Classroom

Lorna Katica has a wide diversity of experience; she spent 30 years as an attorney and has shifted gears into a career in instructional design with a focus on e-learning. She has been teaching for University College for the past year in the Global Affairs and Healthcare Leadership programs, leading classes that focus on legal [...]

Inaugural Teaching Spotlight Blog: Joseph Kerski

University College has outstanding faculty, and we want to share what great things our faculty are doing by creating the University College Faculty Spotlight blog. This blog will be dedicated to highlighting the energizing and impactful things our faculty are doing in their courses—including everything from notable teaching practices to efforts to support and encourage students. [...]