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Looking to enhance your career with professional development? The Center for Professional Development at the University of Denver serves educators, clinicians, techies, small business owners, social change advocates, and organizations wanting to develop and deliver innovative professional development for their teams. Explore upcoming professional development opportunities below:

Grant Writing for Non-Grant Writers: Break it Down to Fund Your Goals – November 11
Nonprofit leaders are constantly seeking ways to fund their core mission and often need outside resources to help them innovate new solutions to the problems they address. Lucky for them, there are hundreds of foundations and other organizations that have money to give away! But getting those organizations to hand over that money usually requires grant writing, which can be an intimidating process and, when done incorrectly, can lead to the dreaded rejection. Learn how to do it right in this four-hour workshop with Judy Dettmer, Executive Director of the Colorado Brain Injury Program. Judy has written dozens of successful grants and has also served on the other side as a funder. Details and registration here.

Integrative Healthcare Workshop – November 13
One of the most exciting developments in the healthcare industry today is the emphasis on integrative care, which switches the focus from disease to wellness through the coordinated delivery of several types of health disciplines. Under this new vision of healthcare, providers work in collaborative teams to deliver patients to wellness through a whole-person approach.

How can you, as a medical professional, mental health provider, educator or social worker, participate in a growing movement?

Join three esteemed practitioners and researchers for an engaging and motivating look at:

  • The evolution of integrative health and why the U.S. is undergoing a systemic change in healthcare
  • The physiologic basis of the whole person approach
  • The many ways that healthcare professionals from all disciplines might work together
  • The benefits that patients will reap

Learn more here.

Keep the Lamp Lifted: Basics of Accompanying Immigrants in an Era of Radicalized Enforcement and Degraded Protections – November 16
Join local advocates for an in-depth and interactive workshop on immigration — what many call the civil rights issue of our time. You’ll learn:

•    Immigration law, including status types and government agencies
•    How to support immigrant communities
•    Federal and local immigration policy
•    Ways to advocate for just immigration policies

Walk away with a better understanding of the immigration landscape and your role in supporting immigrant communities. Details and registration here.

Business Building Blocks Series: The Art and Science of Fundraising for Business and Nonprofit Professionals – December 4
Join Deborah Armstrong, DU’s Associate Vice Chancellor of Development, over two-course sessions as she shares both the art and the science of fundraising, helping you to tap into a deeper, more meaningful process that will enable you to make the big ask. Whether you work for a nonprofit, serve on a board, or are seeking funds for a startup, this course will help you to appreciate your role as a fundraiser as you achieve your goals. Learn more and register here

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