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Join University College and Colorado Healthcare Strategic Management (CHSM) for an evening of mentorship with healthcare leaders on Wednesday, October 11 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the University of Denver (University Hall Room 304). Explore what healthcare career path is right for you, learn the benefits of networking, and gain insight from healthcare leaders.

Healthcare Leadership program director Dr. Bobbie Kite started at University College this July and reached out to students to learn what type of offerings the program could provide.  “The overwhelming response from those who responded was that they wanted mentorship and student club activities,” said Dr. Kite.  “They asked, we listened!”

Gather knowledge from the following topics:

Get the Education…and Then What?
Hosted by Vince Visuth and Brandon Eggleston*
Executive interviewing, defining your career, and determining the right fit.

Entrepreneurship in Healthcare
Hosted by Steve Merker
Choosing “uncertainty” and what to expect, managing risks, networking.

50 Shades of Healthcare
Hosted by Drew Hoffman
Consulting, insurance, physician practices, ACO’s, corporate…and more!

Cultivating a Network
Hosted by Vince Visuth
Purpose of networking, adding value to interactions, targeting, the ask.

Hosted by Speakers and Colorado Healthcare Strategic Management (CHSM)
Questions, personal chats, opportunity to practice networking.

The event is free for students. Register today!

This event is co-hosted by University College, offering the MS in Healthcare Leadership, and Colorado Healthcare Strategic Management (CHSM), more details at

*Speakers may change depending on availability

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