Health Data Informatics

University College is pleased to introduce a new master’s concentration or certificate area in Health Data Informatics and Analytics starting in summer 2017. This program prepares students to be at the forefront of the healthcare field, equipping them with the technical and leadership skills needed to thrive in the fastest growing field: informatics.

“This is a very relevant area for healthcare or IT professionals to build their expertise,” said Dean Michael McGuire. “Knowing how to transform data into actionable insights can have a major impact on improving healthcare deliverables and patient care.”

Students will learn to leverage data analytics methods and informatics tools within the growing healthcare industry by tapping into the unique perspectives of the patients, providers, payers, and population.

“The scope of analytics and informatics is vast,” said Bobbie Kite, faculty member at University College. “This vastness requires a skillset fit for health data consumer companies, physician practices, as well as population health initiatives.”

To learn more about the Health Data Informatics and Analytics program, visit our website or connect with Enrollment Manager Laura Froseth (303-871-2291 or

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