Stephanie Krusemark, 2007

There are many perks to being a University of Denver student at University College, and one of those perks is having a flexible degree.  Our degree plans are made with YOU in mind.  Yes, each and every one of you.  How do we have all of you in mind when developing our degree plans you may ask?  We have built in flexibility that benefits all of you in different ways!

As a master’s degree student, you have three electives as a part of your degree plan, and these electives allow you to make your degree work for you.  Choose your electives from any course that we offer at University College…yes, any!

Therefore you can be a Communication Management student and take your elective courses from our Environmental Policy and Management program. University College offers 10 different programs and over 250 different courses from more than 40 concentrations, the ideal plan is waiting for you.

The next question you may be asking is do all three electives have to be from the same program or concentration? The answer is NO.  Feel free to use these electives to your advantage and make your degree your own.  If you would like to add on a graduate certificate, you will want to consider choosing your electives from the same concentration area to maximize your courses, but you are not required to.

How do you get started in selecting your electives?  Check out your options on our website via the annual course schedules (bottom of the homepage).  Also meeting with your advisor is always a great idea.  Your advisor can help point you in the direction of courses that could help you achieve your goals.  Information on all advisors including contact information can be found on our Meet Your Advisor page.  Once you know your desired electives simply contact your advisor via email or phone or set up an appointment and they will update your degree plan accordingly.

Hopefully some or most of your questions about electives have been answered, but if you have more please reach out to your advisor.  Your advisor is here to provide guidance and support!

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