The fall quarter is the beginning of a new journey for many new students at University College. Going back to school can be an adjustment, especially for those who have been out of school a while. Many students juggle work and family, and starting school can be stressful. We want to make sure students are prepared and understand the resources that University College and the University of Denver provide to students. Here is a list of five resources to take advantage of!

Your advisor

All students at University College are assigned advisors that are here to help you progress through your degree or certificate program. Your advisor can assist you with your course schedule, recommending courses that align with your professional and career interests and to make your experience at University College as smooth as possible. Learn who will be your advisor by checking out the advising section of the University College blog. Make a phone or in-person appointment with your advisor by calling 303-871-2291 or by email at

Student orientation on Canvas

The student orientation on Canvas provides a lot of useful information for new students. The orientation goes over how to register for classes, understanding how billing works, strategies for academic success, technology, and other useful resources.

University of Denver Writing Center

The Writing Center is a great resource for all students and is the place to go for writing help.  Students can make an in-person or online appointment for a 45-minute consultation including help with any writing assignment or project at any stage, from brainstorming to final revisions.

Library resources

All University College students have access to the DU library, including online students! Resources include access to books, e-books, online journals, and much more. Students can live chat with library staff, ask research questions or make an appointment for a research consultation (either in person or through Skype).

University of Denver Career Services

The University of Denver’s Career Services is open to all University College students as well as alumni. Career advisors are available to help with career assessment, job research, and self-marketing techniques. Career Services also provides a library of employers, job listings, DU alumni and community mentors, as well as résumé catalogs and internship opportunities.

Be sure to take advantage of these resources and have a great academic year!

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