University College Graduation Story

We asked graduates to describe their journey to graduation. Here is what Andrew Frost (Environmental Policy and Management) had to say in his own words…

Graduating from DU represents a major milestone for me. I am receiving a Master’s of Science officially and unofficially I have earned a PhD in perseverance.

With a chaotic childhood of bouncing between parents, dealing with adult issues, CPS visits, visiting family members in jail and the pressure generated by that, I barely graduated high school. Being the first person in my family to graduate high school, I came out with a GPA of 1.8. A week after high school, my brother took his own life putting me on a downward spiral. I had never thought about college. While working for four years as a lab assistant, I wanted to move up to the position I’m assisting which required a bachelor’s. I managed to start school at a community college to get my GPAto the point a university would accept me. After four years at the University of Northern Colorado I graduated with a 2.89 GPA.

I was fortunate enough that DU was willing to accept me into a graduate program under the condition (academic probation) that I had to maintain a certain GPA for the first 12 or 15 credit hours. Now that I’m at the point of completing the DU program I obviously made it. Overcoming a chaotic childhood, educational troubles, the loss of my brother and while I’ve been at DU, a broken engagement and the suicide of two friends has been no small feat. The fact that I’ve been through that proverbial fire and I am still standing, about to take my degree in hand is seemingly unreal.

This shows to me that my “PhD” in perseverance was hard earned and never given. This experience has shown me what real strength is. This experience has shown me that I’m unbreakable. This experience has shown me that hard work really can take you from the trailer park to standing on a stage at a prestigious university, being presented with a masters degree, surrounded by people who had all the opportunity I never had. Most importantly, I have shown my brother’s little girl you can literally do anything you want so aim high!

Congratulations, Andrew!

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