Registration for many students can be a daunting process. Registration falls in the middle of the quarter, and students are often in the midst of midterms or working on projects. Whether you are taking classes online or on campus, it can be hard to decide what courses fit best with your schedule and what courses can benefit you the most. But have no fear, we’re here to help! Here are some tips to make your registration stress-free:

1. Review your degree plan

Your degree plan is a useful tool that can help you remember what courses you need to take and how many credits you have left. It is good to review what you have completed and ask questions. Did you complete your core courses? What concentration courses do you have left? How many electives do you need to take? Reviewing your degree plan will help determine what courses you need to take now and will keep you on track towards graduation.

2. Look at your program’s annual schedule

University College posts annual schedules online for all programs, which are a useful resource to review when registering for courses. You can see what your program plans to offer for upcoming quarters and if courses will be offered online or on campus. See a course you want to take now that may not be offered in the next few quarters? Maybe one course will be offered online one term and on campus the next term? These are details to think about when registering for courses to help you stay on track.

3.  Research courses

University College offers a wide variety of courses in each concentration. Research course options by reading course descriptions and see how they fit best with your interests and goals. If you have a handful of courses to choose from, it is good to think about how they will be beneficial to you. Will an elective course that you are interested in be a better fit towards your career than another?  Do you want to learn new skills that you’ve always be interested in? Could you relate the course to your current position?

4. Ask your advisor

Your academic advisor is a vital resource as you plan your schedule and assess course options. Make an appointment (by phone or in person) by calling the Student Support Center at 303-871-2291 or email

5. Have fun

While registration can be a stressful process, it is important to remember that every course is one step closer to why you decided to further your education. Taking new classes is a great opportunity to learn new things, network with peers, and have fun.

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