Military StudentAs we pause this week to pay tribute to our nation’s veterans, the University College community would like to acknowledge the many military students and veterans in our midst. We are honored to have the largest percentage of DU’s total veteran population in our ranks, and we look forward to serving you as you pursue your education.

While our veteran students may have traded in their camo for campus – or Canvas – the one element that should transition with them from their enlisted days through their Pioneer present is camaraderie. They, like all of our undergraduate and graduate students, form a network of mutual respect and support that extends beyond just University College to the DU community at large. While some of us may never experience the backbreaking challenges of boot camp, the fear of midnight watches on foreign soil, or the pain of leaving our loved ones while we follows orders, we all know and appreciate the value of education. We are all working, in some form or another, to create a better and more fulfilling future for both ourselves and those around us. It is the sense of shared purpose that brings us together as a brotherhood that transcends military and non-military to build a common corps.

As students at University College, you are all entrenched in the shared challenge of balancing your daily demands with the unique duties of being a student. Sometimes though, you many need reinforcements to help replenish your spirit and carry you through. Remember, your academic advisor, along with the specialists in the Student Support Center, are your greatest allies. You can reach either – or both – at 303-871-2291 or 800-347-2042. Likewise, DU’s Veteran’s Services office, under the guidance of Veteran Services Coordinator Damon Vine, is there to help our student heroes at 303-871-2074. Last but not least, there is also a network of Denver citizens supporting veterans’ issues that sponsors events like the Military and Veterans Community Awareness Panel Discussion being held Monday, November 9. Together, these services form a supply chain of support as you pursue a degree or certificate.

Carry on, University College, as we celebrate and honor our veterans this Veterans Day!

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