Student at ComputerScheduling a time to meet with your academic advisor – either by phone or in person – is quick and easy! While you can always call 303-871-2291 or 800-347-2042 to request an appointment through the Student Support Center, you can just as conveniently use PioneerWeb to make those arrangements too. Never done it before? No problem. Here’s how to schedule an appointment on your own via PioneerWeb:

1. Log into PioneerWeb using your DU ID number and your password. If you haven’t logged in for a while and you are unsure of your credentials, please call 303-871-2291 and a member of our Student Support team will be happy to assist you!

2. Once logged in, select the “Student” tab from the options across the top.

Screen Shot 1

3. Scroll about halfway down the page to find a box on the right-hand side labeled “Make an Appointment.”

Screen Shot 2

4. In the “Make an Appointment” box, select “University College” from the list of options. This will produce a dropdown menu allowing you to choose to either “Schedule an Office Visit” or “Schedule a Phone Conversation.” Either option will take you to a screen that looks like this:

Screen Shot 3

5. From there, click on “Make Appointment” and select what the meeting is in regards to from the displayed list. Note that you can select more than one option, and that this is just a snapshot of some of the things your academic advisor can help with, such as:

• Annual Course Planning
• Capstone Advising
• Career/Job Questions (although this may be better suited for a Career Services appointment)
• Change Program, Major, or Specialty
• Course Selection or Substitution
• Degree Plan Signature
• Dual Degree or Transfer Credit
• Follow-up to Email Advising
• Graduation or Degree Progress Review
• OPT/CPT, Internship, or Independent Study
• Policy Question, Academic Exception, Probation Action Plan
• Returning Student
• Student Concern

6. Next, you will arrive at a screen that permits you to “Search for Available Appointments.” Notice that your assigned advisor’s name appear as an option in the “Check the availability of…” section. Select your advisor’s name and then click “Find Appointments”: to view all upcoming available time slots from which you may choose.

7. Select a time slot by clicking the asterisk on the left-hand side under “Select.” This will prompt you to input your phone number and any comments that you wish to share with your advisor, such as “Looking for available courses for the winter 2016 quarter” or “Planning last few courses before graduation.”

8. Once your information is entered and submitted, you will see a screen that says “You have scheduled an appointment with…” This confirms that your appointment is now on your advisor’s calendar. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions to your primary email account. Be sure to read this thoroughly so that you are completely ready for your upcoming appointment and can make the best use of both your time and your advisor’s.

Again, this is just one of the many ways that we try to make it convenient for our students to connect with their advisors! We, as a team, look forward to assisting you in your academic journey!

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