Welcome to the Healthcare Leadership program−designed to meet the growing need of healthcare professionals, or those transitioning to healthcare careers, to acquire the skills to address the challenges of healthcare reform. Three specialty areas with ample elective options allow you to design a degree program for your particular needs. You will have the opportunity to meet and study with faculty actively involved in an array of healthcare related industries, as well as a diverse student body who bring their own work and educational experiences to the table. Healthcare today is no longer merely the small private practice, rather a complex, evolving industry. Opportunity exists to take your current position to the next level or to adapt a prior career to coordinate with healthcare. Courses are designed to educate you in the business, legal, policy, and technological topics emerging in healthcare today. Collaboration with the other master programs further expands course offerings into such areas as global health, expanded information technology, and organizational expertise. Join us as we educate a new generation of healthcare leaders.

—Irene Frederick

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